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Check your email for your invitation to our 1st ever BARTER Trade Fair coming on Sunday November 22nd, 2015. Fair does not require you to register, just show up! Bring your children!! Every member can advertise. Just ask Dale for the microphone. If you are not a member yet and would like to check out joining call Barbara at 520-909-9200. This is our last event in 2015. Thank You!! Next year 2016 we will have member and guest meetings January through September. We are attempting to have all member and guest meetings at only 2 different locations and on the same day or evening of every month. Example would be - Second Tuesday of every month. In addition we will have new member presentation meetings on a regular basis. November 12th, 2016 (Saturday) will be our Holiday Barter Trade Fair but the location is not yet selected. Member & Guest Mixer and promotion meeting. January ??, 2016 - 6:30 pm at ?? located at ??. Come Hungry and ready to do business!! All Members and / or Potential Members / Business Owners who make financial decisions for Business are invited. Bring cards, fliers and information as every member can advertise their business. THIS MIXER IS FOR EVERYONE TO CREATE BUSINESS OR LEARN WHO IS INTERESTED IN EARNING YOUR BARTER. If you attended any Barter Tucson event 1 time as a guest you need to be a member to attend again. Barter Tucson buys Dinner/Beverage. RSVP WITH $5 RESERVATION FEE. Fee commits you to attend and pays tax/tip. Come and meet those who want to do business with you, meet all guest, and enjoy dinner. If you are a couple put one of you as member and other as a guest. Yes, sign up and bring your potential guest members. If you have more than 2 guests call Barbara, 909-9200. Recommend you pay each guest $5 registration fee. Find out who is accepting 100% barter and who is requiring some cash. NO CHILDREN AS THIS IS A BUSINESS MEETING! Please be courteous and respond to email by "Registering" or saying, "I cannot attend". You will receive additional invites unless you register or mark declined. STAY INFORMED BY ATTENDING ALL EVENTS. Non-members cannot market until they join since members are looking for barter business only. Attract more barter faster by always accepting 100% barter. Possibly make a special offer to the meeting members that is good for 30 days. Everyone attending must be registered. If you need assistance registering call Barbara, 909-9200. Those who register and are "no shows" do not receive registration refunds.
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Barter gains you clients/customers who stay with you for the life of your company! Barter lowers your Customer Acquisition Cost! Your cost for customer acquisition in the marketplace, by working with "BARTER TUCSON", is lower than in the cash marketplace. Unlike the cash world where you have to hunt and pay for every lead and potential sale through the expenditure of time, effort, and money. Your barter business is "pushed" to you through the efforts of "BARTER TUCSON" with Dale and Barbara as your trade brokers. You're fishing where the fish are...and that's quite a difference! Second is Greater Customer Retention! Mail order catalog companies spend millions of dollars and gain a repeat customer less than 50% of the time. Ouch! In the "BARTER TUCSON" world the percentage of first-time buyers returning is over 95%. Why? Simply because every one of our members operate in their own best interests. The "BARTER TUCSON" exchange rewards one for doing business in this manner, i.e. buying products and services at barter cost. Always the best and most economical way to make a purchase. So a trade client is a core customer that advertises for you by word of mouth and creates you cash customers. They'll always frequent your establishment if all things are equal.
What can I Barter Trade for locally here in Tucson?
automotive repair * handyman services * tax accounting and preparation * pest control & termite reports * painting for residential and commercial * broadway show tickets * banners & signs * haunted houses and special events * rebuilt starters, alternators, & golf cart motors * upholstery * horseback riding * window blinds * formal wear * photography * mary kay products * landscaping * specialty signs * flowers & plants * potted small cactus and arrangements * bilingual advertising * frames for any picture or art * etching of all kinds * carpet cleaning * medical doctor * residential and commercial plumbing * pool tables and service * promotional products * chiropractor * party rental supplies * sedan transportation * dj service * wine tastings * private investigation service * organizing service * restaurant scrip * dentistry * pavement sealing * bowling * tee shirts and advertising items * lock smithing * custom jewelry * tuxedo rental * tax service * salon and spa * dinner theater show * social media advertising * air conditioning and heating service * website building & improvement * limousine transportation * real estate or management commissions * mobile advertising * personal training * printing of all kinds * license plate signs * attorney services * auto-motorhome-boat detailing * anything to do with concrete * solar sky lights * awning covers * theme park tickets * cabin rentals * daily high end display furniture for major events * appliances * furniture * acupuncture * fitness club membership * handyman * specialty baking * wedding venue * roof repair coating & replacement * residential & business security specialist * wedding officiant * interpreter & translator * bridal shop * cabinets & woodworking * teaching dance & modeling * and many more to come ............................
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Barter Tucson is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in Barter Tucson offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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It is by choice that we represent the local business owners of Tucson as their barter trade exchange. Yes, we are associated with International Barter Alliance, a DoBarter on Line service. This association allows us to bring our members services that are not in the Tucson area allowing them to purchase hotel rooms, meals, entertainment, and many other items to places they may travel or visit. It also allows members to purchase products such as jewelry, printing, clothes, entertainment, gift giving and tons of others products. Please note that our logo shows a potato being traded for a shoe. Now you may not own a grocery store or a shoe store. This is where Barter Tucson comes to your rescue. As a store owner it becomes more possible to trade your shoes for all the printing needs you have, then we will trade those shoes you did not want for let's say dentistry. Our motto was chosen because it is our calling to prove to you that by joining Barter Tucson we can make, "Trading Made Easy". Now, this does not mean we can solve all of your needs if you want to barter trade enough shoes to buy a Lear Jet. But we can help with many day to day things you spend money on. Look at your checkbook and make a list of the many things that could be Barter and save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. You should check out joining Barter Tucson today. Send us an email - or call Dale and Barbara at 520-909-9200. Thank You!
On September 20th, 2012 Barter Tucson was licensed by the City of Tucson, license number 3024635. Barter Tucson is a member of the International Barter Alliance, a DoBarter on Line service. Our goal is to add one or more new member companies per week forever. Your membership in Barter Tucson offers you access to goods and services from thousands of members in exchanges worldwide. If you would like to become part of Barter Tucson or have any questions please call Barbara at 520-909-9200. Our office is open by appointment and located at 231 W. Giaconda Way - Suite 133 - Tucson, Arizona - 85704. Thank you for all of your support!!



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